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Mold Town Council manages and maintains the only current active burial site within the Town.  The Cemetery is located at Alexandra Road, Mold and extends over an area of 2.20 hectares.  The Cemetery was opened in 1877 and there have since been some 8350 interments (burials and cremations).
(Click here to link to map of Mold and site of Cemetery)


The Town Council delegates the management of the Cemetery to a Committee of six Councillors that has the power to act and to amend burial policies.  The minutes of meetings of the Cemetery Committee are reported to the subsequent meeting of the Town Council.

The Town Council takes great pride in the appearance of the cemetery and employs two full-time staff to maintain it and to supervise burials.  In addition, temporary seasonal assistance is provided and casual assistance provided as necessary to ensure that the grounds are maintained to a standard befitting a place of remembrance and tribute. 

Cemetery Regulations

The Cemetery Committee regularly reviews the Regulations that govern burials in Mold Cemetery.  (Click here to view the Cemetery Regulations)
Click here to view the Burial Fees

Future Burial Site

The Cemetery is nearing capacity and the Town Council is actively engaged in ensuring that there is sufficient space for burials in the years to come.  The adjoining field, that has for some years been used as a football field, has been earmarked as an extension to the Cemetery and ground investigations are underway to assess the suitability of the site and the extent to which it can be used.


Cemetery Superintendent: Arfon Williams-Cooke
    The Lodge,
    Mold Cemetery,
    Alexandra Road,
    CH7 1HJ

Telephone:   01352 753820

Clerk and Finance Officer: Samantha Roberts

 Town Hall,
 Earl Road,
 CH7 1AB

Telephone: 01352 758532